La Espiral Verde is a Galician company founded in Vigo in 2014 as a result of a personal search for a healthier lifestyle.


Organic skincare is based on the use of natural ingredients obtained and processed through natural processes. We chose seaweed as the main ingredient of our products because we are very familiar with them due to our Galician origins.


La Espiral Verde, international trademark, counts on one technical department specialised in research studies on seaweed, one R&D department where our formulations are developed by experts, and a production plant including packaging, design, etc.


Each product bearing the La Espiral Verde label takes months to research and develop until obtaining the desired texture, characteristics and quality. We use certified organic and natural ingredients.


Products and activities developed by La Espiral Verde, S.L. have been certified in compliance with the BioVidaSana standards by Swiss certifier bio.inspecta, which includes, among others, the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FIBL), the biggest R&D laboratory of organic agriculture in Europe.


La Espiral Verde, S.L. is at present an affiliate to Anfaco-Cecopesca, the international reference research centre for sea products where our premises are located. In addition, we are part of Bioga, the Galician biotech cluster, as we believe that ecology and biotechnological progress can perfectly go hand in hand towards a better and more sustainable world.


Ethics and commitment are the basic foundations of our company, as our project would be nonsense without them.